A family run washable cloth nappy and accessories shop, we aim to provide fellow cloth mums and dads the opportunity to acquire the best reusable cloth nappies on the market.

  • Animal face pocket nappies and prints now available.

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We are a Scottish family business based in the picturesque city of Edinburgh, working on bringing you the tried, tested and loved nappy and toy brands of our family. Our 2 boys give the nappies the trial every day! I guess you can imagine if you are here with us.
As a small family business we thrive to promote cloth nappies and make the eco swap easier for parents wishing to use cloth. The handpicked products we offer are brands that reflect our ethos and love for all things eco.

Dairy-free Chocolates that tastes good? Yeeessss!

New arrivals

Unique Metal straws

The Jungle Straws metal straw set is perfect for all types of drinks, whether you're sipping on your favourite detoxifying smoothie on a hot summers day, or simply using them for juices, water or alcoholic beverages like gin & tonic or a cocktail!

Nippernappies - Summer

So looking for a retro inspired nappy, but could not find it yet?

You are at the right place! The oldie but goldie pocket nappy layout, with two inserts, and a lovely reusable bag.

Oh but the prints! The PRINTS! Come and see ;)

Wild Ones Collection

Wild Ones collection is here :)

Lets celebrate our wildlings with the two new prints dedicated to our wee ones.

Wild At Heart and


Summer collection

The magical prints of the Modern Cloth Nappies can not be compared to any brands around.

If you like toned down more neutral prints, they are here for you.

The Award winner Pearl Pocket nappies and the new summer wet bags are available in the new prints.

Frog & Bear FAB nappies

The most eco friendly, handmade nappies you can get for your little one, that is part made in Uganda, part in the UK, with so much love and care.

The new Peace on Earth and Youre Crumb Believable prints are here!

Groovy and Dotty prints

Buttons Diapers have brought out two new amazing prints, the delicate Dotty, and the bold Groovy prints :).

We got them from newborn size up to Super covers. Bombproof, reliable system with double gusset.

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