So how do a cloth nappy journey start, or end?

Tina RainbowCloth

Posted on August 22 2021

So how do a cloth nappy journey start, or end?

When I had my elder child, all I heard was how good disposables are, how easy are they to use, and how little effort it is to swap nappies on and off.

But nobody prepared me for the nappy explosions (yes, the one that goes up to the top of their back, and into their hair, when all you can do is just strip the poor baby off, and into the bath), the horrible nappy rash we will battle for months, and the stench. 

We all get to a point either during pregnancy, after having the baby, might be a few months down the line, around potty training, or even before we conceive, when we start to search for cloth nappies.

So what sets us on the journey? 

Good question! Many seek an eco alternative to the disposable nappies on the market, and turn to bamboo alternatives to reduce the chemicals involved, or take the plunge, and dive into researching cloth nappies :)

Some of us get lured into by friends flashing the gorgeous cloth nappy bums at nappy changes, or you spy someone on the go with a clothbum baby.

And there are us, who were looking for a solution. 

Ours was the horrible nappy rash. I was unprepared, I thought disposables are heavenly, and leaves the baby with a soft bum, as it is always dry, even when full, so slim, and just so easy. But our wee boy had such delicate skin, and little did we know back then, dairy/soya intolerant, but that is a different story. So he ended up with such sore bum I was torn if I am a good mum at all, what am I doing wrong that my baby suffers so much?

I started to research cloth nappies, this was a little over 3 years ago, with only a handful of retailers to choose from, but still way too many brands and types. I was utterly confused. 

Where to start!!!? How do you start?!?

So I have done the worst I could :D, and ventured up to the second hand cloth nappy sale/advice groups on Facebook, and started to buy nappies randomly to try.

But it was to a benefit in the end, I learned a lot from those mistakes, and found such an amazing community that helped me get over the beginners mistakes, gave me advice and fit check when I got stuck, and helped me out with my search for the holy grail, the perfect nappy (btw, it doesn't exist :D).

So this is the point where some parents/carers loose it, and decide it is not what they hoped for, too much work, too many leaks, and just do not see the point.

And guess what? We all have that minute-day-week-month every now and then, and that is all right. We revert to disposables to realise we miss our pretties, the stink free bums, the calming routine.

Using Modern Cloth nappies is an option available to us, and there is no must, or cloth nappy police to judge you.

So whatever the reason you are looking a solution for, there might be a way to solve it with cloth nappies. There is never a silly question in regards of cloth nappies, fire em away!

Psst, using modern cloth nappies do not involve bleach, the dreaded sanitising bucket, and the scary? safety pins (of course you can still use them if that is what you would like to opt for :)) 

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