Tina RainbowCloth

Posted on November 21 2020

all in one cloth nappies, nappy 101, reusable nappies


Cloth nappy world can be confusing at the start, all the acronyms you need to learn 🙈 It can feel daunting, so lets take a look at some.

All-in-ones are the easy and fuss free nappies, that usually does not need boosting, goes on the bum, comes off, and goes to the wash after solids have been taken care of 😜.

The easy handling comes with a price, most can not be boosted or adjusted apart from the rise settings, and hip or tummy snaps, and due to the layout most dry slow, as air can not circulate as freely in the nappy as it would around a single insert and cover.

AIOs come usually as newborn, one size, or birth to potty (BTP) size, to best suit that particular age group.

The cheaper versions are mostly made of microfibre, and the more expensive the nappy gets, the more natural fibres it contains (usually).

At the end of the day, its down to personal preference what you will settle with, and what works for your wee one. Not everyone likes to spend their Saturday evening stuffing pocket nappies, or assembling all in twos🤪🤪

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