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Reusable Safety Razor - Unisex


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The reusable eco safety razors are precision engineered to provide a smooth and comfortable zero waste shaving experience. Each sustainable safety razor has a textured grip and extra long chrome handle, perfectly balanced for shaving hard to reach areas.

Our zero waste DE razor set is accompanied by a natural white travel bag, made from a blend of soft organic cotton and ethically sourced jute. We house our plastic-free razors in a premium, magnetic gift box, colour matched to make the perfect sustainable gift.

  1. The perfect sustainable gift for him or her.
  2. Vegan friendly and zero waste.
  3. Comfortable, weighted long chrome handle – ideal for beginners
  4. Eco-friendly women's razor or eco-friendly mens razor - Completely unisex
  5. Comes with a colour printed gift box and unique natural jute travel bag
  6. Compatible with any double edged DE safety razor blade

Once you have invested in an eco-friendly safety razor you will need some high-quality razor blades to get started. Our sustainable razors are compatible with any double edged razor blades, which can be purchased at large supermarkets, high street pharmacies or barbershops. Alternatively, we also retail stainless steel razor blades on our website via this link.

Unlike single-use plastic razors, safety razor blades are very easy to recycle.

How to recycle safety razor blades:

  1. Twist open your safety razor by placing your thumb and index finger either side of your razor head and turning. If your razor is screwed on too tightly, you may have to use a towel for extra grip.

  2. Remove the razor blade and wash clean.

  3. Use a piece of tissue and wipe your blade until there is no residue of shaving soap or hair.

  4. Store your razor blade in a container and bulk recycle, or place the blade directly into the recycling bin.

  5. Congratulations, the world is a little bit less wasteful!

Our zero waste safety razors for women or men are 100% unisex. Not only are safety razors eco-friendly, but they are also extremely affordable when compared to single-use plastic razors. One safety razor blade costs just £0.39 and lasts for up to 16 shaves. Get started today and start using your first ladies reusable razor or gentleman's reusable razor!

Set Contains:

  • 1 x Reusable safety razor for women or men
  • 1 x Organic white jute travel pouch
  • 1 x Sustainable Gift Box

Please note: This item does not include razor blades. Blades can be bought separately.


1 x razor without blades

1 x jute bag