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Bamboo Cutlery Set


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Bamboo cutlery sets by Jungle Culture are ethically sourced and handmade in Vietnam by skilled local artisans at our crafts workshop.

Each portable set of eco friendly utensils comes complete with a serrated bamboo knife, sturdy bamboo fork, and a bamboo tablespoon as well as a bamboo straw and coconut fibre straw cleaning brush. 

Your eco-friendly bamboo cutlery set is handmade deep in the jungles of Vietnam. The craftspeople who help us to create this wonderful wooden utensil set believe in sustainability and worship nature. Our lead craftsman Hà only uses wood from trees that are already dead or plants that grow in abundance, such as bamboo. Even Hà’s house is constructed using solely bamboo and grass.

  • Our entire zero waste flatware set is organic and natural and comes packaged in a natural jute presentation bag. Perfect as a sustainable gift.

  • Jungle Culture bamboo utensil sets are lightweight and fold to easily fit in your purse, handbag or jacket pocket. Ideal as a plastic-free alternative for eating on-the-go, lunch, picnics and takeaways.
  1. Eco-friendly travel cutlery - Folds perfectly for plane travel and picnics.
  2. Complete zero waste cutlery set - All you need to eat out plastic-free.
  3. 100% organic bamboo flatware – The perfect sustainable gift for women or men.
  4. Designed to be lightweight & compact. Fits easily into your handbag or backpack.
  5. Please note: Wooden utensils should not be placed in the dishwasher

Care Guide:

Our plastic-free bamboo cutlery sets are handmade from 100% organic and natural bamboo. They will last a lifetime, but only if given proper love and care.

We recommend hand washing your personal bamboo cutlery set with warm, soapy water and drying immediately. Putting bamboo cutlery or any type of wooden cutlery in the dishwasher may cause the wood to fray and break.

Our bamboo straws on the other hand are completely dishwasher safe! Alternatively, we also provide a coconut fibre cleaning brush which can be used to hand wash your new straw.

After a lunch on-the-go we recommend using a tissue to wipe your zero waste cutlery clean as soon as possible to avoid any food staining the wooden surface.


Set of:

1x  serrated bamboo knife

1 x sturdy bamboo fork

1 x bamboo tablespoon

1 x bamboo straw

1 x coconut fibre straw cleaning brush

1 x jute bag for easy storage