Cloth Nappy Keyrings


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We cannot stand waste. These keyrings are made of little fragments of material that are leftover from the nappies we make. 

By using the leftover fabric we can all do something very special. We can make other parents aware of reusable nappies. How often have we heard that the reason people didn’t use reusables earlier was that they didn’t know anyone who uses them? Because they never see reusables when they’re out and about?

Using these keyrings is powerful. Put them on your change bag, your work pass, your children’s nursery, and book bags, or on your matching wet bag. You could even use them on your keys. They are a conversation starter, a sign to others that they know someone using reusable nappies. They are a sign that reusables are normal. They show others that change is happening. These keyrings help to make cloth mainstream.

They’re also really, really cute.


Single nappy on a keyring

The nappy is 4.5x5cm