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Microfleece liner for a dry feeling. 

100% polyester fleece, super soft, and durable fleece insert, that can be used instead of the disposable liners to catch solids and to protect the nappies from stains. The fleece material is non-absorbent, the wetness passes through the fleece away from the skin, and acts as a stay-dry layer. 

The liners need a couple of washes before they are ready for use, just pop them in with your regular cloth wash for one or two times, new liners does not let water through well, instead, it pools on top of it. 

Bambinex liners are on the big side, it can cover the entire inside of your nappy, protecting it from stains that come with the weaning stage, if you are thinking of reselling your nappies later on, or have some expensive natural nappies, or exposed microfibre in your nappies, fleece liners are a perfect stay-dry layer to finish off and protect both nappy and baby.

Fleece liners are an alternative to disposable liners, with these liners there are no costs piling up, you only need to buy them once, and they will last numerous babies :)  

Wash them with your nappies, solids easily come off them, if you have the unlucky less solid one, just let it sit for half an hour, hour before you get  onto the mucky job, as the fleece gets wetness away, and solidify poo, and allow it for easier removal.