Eco Warriors Flash Cards Game


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The perfect gift to a nature-loving Eco Warrior Child, and to parents who believe in teamwork, gender equality and want their children to learn how to help around the home and muck in with the housework chores!

The full pack includes:
- 10 flashcards with a different rhyme and super-action on each side
- Treasure Hunt clues for each of the cards
- Reward chart (I Feel Proud) plus 30 Eco Warriors stickers
- Child & parent instructions
- 1 Large upcycled bag which holds the flashcards (size 13*18)

- The cards are size A6 (10.5*14.8 cm)

Each card is size A6 (quarter of an A4 page) and is made from durable recycled card (350mg).
The cards are double-side printed, each card touches one area in the home where children can make a difference, the rhyme introduces the topic in an engaging way, and the "Eco Warriors Actions" detail what specifically children can do to fight climate change at home. It also includes a reward chart and stickers so children can track their progress and acknowledge the wonderful impact their actions have on the environment.

Product’s details:

  • The Eco Warriors cards is a game that encourages children ages 5-12 to adopt new sustainable habits at home, many of these habits (we call them “Eco Warriors Actions”) also encourage children to help around the house and take care of their belongings - which parents really appreciate :).

  • The content of the bag includes 10 double sided Eco Warriors cards (each has a topic introduced with a rhyme as well as the actions to take); 2 instruction cards (for kids and adults), 1 double sided reward chart, 30 biodegradable stickers, 1 set of treasure hunt clues for additional fun!). All the cards are printed in the UK on recycled card size A6.  

  • The cards are packed in a pouch made in the UK by a local seamstress who specialises in creating up cycled textile bags, from locally-created textile waste.

  • Each pack diverts waste from the landfill -  made from clothes that didn't sell in UK charity shops

  • The pouches are designed to have a dual purpose - in addition to holding the Eco Warriors cards, it can be used as a treasure bag for children to take on walks in nature to collect little treasures (notice the wristlet hoop handle which is designed for small wrists).

  • Made from denim (main part) and decorated from pieces of shirts/other clothing   

  • Main part will always be denim while decoration will vary according to availability. Shape also varies slightly, to make the most out of the specific garment, and avoid waste.

  • A double sided swing tag at the front with enticing product information is included

Calling all kids who love to help and mums and dads who want them to! Eco Warriors are kids who care about the environment, and who learn how to help in the kitchen, the laundry and the bathroom, and even out in the garden. Eco Warrior cards give kids guidance for all the tasks that they can help with, turning the jobs into a fun and engaging thing to do. The carefully crafted cards will help them to learn how to take care of their rooms and help in the house. It’s a great way to raise a 21st-century kid!

Eco Warrior is an educational game teaching children (age 5-12) how to take care of the planet, their home and their belongings. The engaging rhymes and colourful illustrations will delight the children, and motivate them to help around the home and learn new habits that fight climate change. To make the game even more interesting, why not hide the cards around the home and use the treasure-hunt clues we supply in the pack?

The great thing about Eco Warriors cards is that it makes helping out in the house fun! No need to persuade kids to do chores any more, just give the cards to your kids to manage themselves and let them complete the tasks. They will follow the detailed instructions and pointers and feel a great sense of achievement as they complete the jobs. When time is precious Eco Warriors is the answer for kids and parents offering kids a great fun way to take care of everything in their world.

Eco Warriors equals FUN! Kids just love the illustrations and rhymes that go along with the cards that they can work from. They get a real thrill from completing the tasks and filling in their reward charts and they love the treasure hunt clues that lead them to the cards hidden around the house that make everything such an adventure! Learning to do chores seems like a really great game with Eco Warriors as children challenge themselves and get the thrill of a job well done with lots of fun!

Many families have welcomed Eco Warriors as an excellent and natural way to develop children’s character and behaviour. They learn to care for the things around them and take responsibility for them while they have lots of fun! Eco Warriors develops the kind and nature-loving side of their character. It helps children appreciate what they have and the world around them. It teaches them life lessons that will make them pro-active, organised, tidy, helpful and thoughtful, allowing them to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and for the planet they live on. People love the journey of discovery that the whole family can go on together and the real benefits that Eco Warriors brings to kids and parents.

Our mission when creating this game is to empower children to take charge and instead of being victims to climate change, become part of the solution. At Helpful Kids we've been empowering children with domestic life skills and because we are passionate about fighting climate change (and the situation is so dire) wanted to harness our expertise in teaching children domestic life skills and extend them to benefit the environment, as well as the children's well-being, confidence, character development, daily habits and ability to make a positive impact. As Greta Thunberg so aptly said: No one is too small to make a difference.

A parents-friendly production from Shiri the owner of HelpfulKids:
As a mum of 3 kids myself, and after talking with tens of my workshops' participants, I realised my next product need to be as friendly to parents as possible. This set of cards aims to motivate children to take on new good habits, by themselves, without the need of parents' intervention, nagging and reminding. We've included two sets of instructions, one for the children and one for adults. The children's instructions emphasises the need to work independently. We've also introduced a reward chart ("I feel proud" chart), which the children will use by themselves. The rhymes and eco-warriors actions further motivate the kids as they are written in an engaging and clear way so the kids can understand what needs to be done, without the parent further explaining. So simply leave this kit at the hands of your children and let them choose the habits they want to adopt. No need to do much, really!

We have carefully sourced our product and all the materials are eco friendly:
- Flashcards, clues and instructions: made from 100% recycled card, weight 350gsm. They are deliberately not coated with plastic which makes them less sturdy than the flash cards you might be used to. please ask your child to handle them gently, however, we will send you a free replacement if a card was damaged for any reason.
- Stickers: biodegradable
- Cotton bags: a natural based product

- Is the product preaching any changes parents might not like? The most "extreme" suggestion we offer is one line about reducing beef and avoiding food with palm oil. Other than that parents and educators alike are all very happy with our suggestions, such as reducing the amount of laundry, taking good care of toys and clothes, reducing the amount of plastic, paper, water, energy etc.
- What age is ideal for these cards? The ideal age range is 6-9 but we have children in the range of 5-12 using the cards.


One size

Each pack contains:  10 flashcards, 30 eco-warrior stickers, 1 reward chart, Treasure hunt clues, 1 bag, parent instructions

Age range:  5-12