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Signature Hippynut colours come back on their new Nappy pods. 

The pods are made of soft PUL, which makes them great for storing nappies, toys, clothes in them, and even used as swim bag later on. 

The pods have a snap opening handle, which makes it versatile to use all around, you can attach it to the door handle, buggies, or anywhere where you need the pod.

The inside is double lined with white PUL, making it long-lasting, and truly waterproof.

Nappy pods make an easy alternative to changing stations, as you can store the whole nappy changing accessories in it what you would need for changing, and just carry it wherever you go, let it be cafes, a picnic in the park, into the garden, or just downstairs in your house to save you from extra trips up and down the stairs.



L 27cm x W 17cm x H 17cm

(holds approx 7 nappies)