Little lovebum

XL Hanging Wet Bag


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The Little Lovebum XL hanging wet bag is an eco-friendly alternative to one-use nappy sacks and works great as an alternative to nappy buckets.

They can hold a whopping amount of 20 nappies and can be hung from a door handle/hook saving some floor space. The wet bag has two pouches; one for wet and one for dry items, the TPU material keeps moisture and odors in.

Reusable to avoid the use of one-use plastics. 

Why do we love it? It is great for storing nappies when on holiday, or at home. It is a multi-use bag so it can be used for wet swimming clothes, beachwear, or the perfect storage for dirty clothes when out and about or on holiday.

Made from TPU, (thermoplastic polyurethane), it is breathable and may get a little damp.

Near full, or simply done filling it? Just wash the wet bag with your nappies/clothes and pop it on the line to dry.


38 cm X 68 cm