Nappi Nippas

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The modern nappy fasteners that replaced the safety pins on the traditional terries, the flats, and the muslins. They are essential for those fitted nappies too that does not have popper or velcro fasteners, to hold the nappy safe and snug.

The T shape makes it easy to use, just make your favourite fold, or fit your fitted nappy in place, first hook on the left snap, then the right, and finally the bottom snap. The fastener is fitted correctly when it changes shape to resemble a Y letter.

Nippas are much faster and easier to fasten than pins, you can adjust your nappy in any way needed to provide the best fit for your babies shape.

They come in white, moss green, pink and red colours.

Before first use stretch your nippa a few times to get it ready for use, as its magic comes from the memory of the material to always go back to its original shape. Make sure the teeth catch into the material, and all three arms are attached well.

Clean your Nappi Nippas in hot soapy water. 


One size