Newborn Reusable Nappy - Hope Collection

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Baba+Boo newborn nappies are specially designed to be used from day one and will last you from about 5lbs to 18lbs (normally about six months).

Their nappies are called pocket nappies. There’s a pocket at the back of the waterproof nappy, where you put the absorbent inserts. Each of their nappies come with two bamboo mix inserts.

When your baby is teeny tiny, you will normally only need to use one insert, which should last up to four hours. Once your baby starts to grow (which is always too quick!) and you find the nappy is not lasting as long, it's time to add the other insert.

If you want you can use a liner. This sits between the nappy and baby’s bottom to catch any solid poo and keep wetness away from baby’s skin. Liners aren’t essential (especially for exclusively breastfed babies who don’t produce anything...solid…) but many parents find they make changes easier.

You are going to love using their cloth nappies, so much better for your baby. Not to mention our world.

They are the tinyfied version of the beloved Baba+Boo pocket nappies, with velcro fastening. The rise setting allows the nappy to be further adjusted to fit smaller newborns. 

Features include:

  • Velcro fastening for super-quick changing and easy night time changes

  • Waterproof lining - no need for anything extra

  • Gusset which helps keeps the poop inside the nappy and helps with those poo-explosions

  • Completely free of nasties

Nappy Outer is made from 100% polyester with a polyurethane lining.

Nappy Inner is made from very soft microfleece.

Inserts Outer 80% bamboo 20% polyester, Inner 80% polyester 20% polyamide.


Fits from 5lbs to 18lbs

Newborn up to about 6 months