Sewn Sweetly My Love

Breast pad - pack of 2 - CLEARANCE

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Sewn Sweetly My Love products are made with exceptional care and love, they are all unique handmade pieces created for your comfort. 

The breast pads are slim, absorbent and breathable as well as wonderfully soft against your skin making them the discrete yet healthy choice for nursing mums.

Because they are reusable you will find that you not only save money, you never run out.

The pads are backed with gorgeous PUL fabric, which does not allow the milk to seep through, meaning no more milk stained wet shirts! The pads are made of absorbent bamboo, and zorb material, which makes the pads really slim, but thirsty.

As they are handmade with love, there can be little imperfections, which makes your new pads unique, and truly only yours.

They come in one size only.

These pads are lovingly handmade by a Work At Home Mom, this is why unfortunately we can not include them in any of our discounts. This helps these wonderful mamas to create their magic, and spread their reusables love through us.


13cm diameter

Pack of 2