Seasons Peg dolls


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I am over the moon to be able to add the handmade and hand-painted peg dolls to our WAHM range! Sorry, it is really hard to take photos from the peg dolls, they are not blurry at all in real life, just my photography skills are not the best :D!

Every peg doll is unique and painted to perfection. I really wanted to offer the gorgeous Seasons peg dolls in my shop, as I think they are the most beautiful and versatile peg dolls around. You can use them in any playset, or take them for your walks with the wee ones, and play with them in snow or autumn leaves.

All peg dolls are painted with non-toxic paints and toy safe sealants, so they are safe for little hands.

Hand-painted CE tested unique peg dolls.

Available figures:

-Winter doll

-Autumn doll 

Not suitable for under 3. 


One size

Standard peg doll size 

7 cm tall each