Tabitha Eve

Reusable Produce Bags - Organic Cotton


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Handmade, eco friendly, plastic free produce bags, ideal for those aspiring to a zero waste lifestyle.

What they are made from?

100% Organic Cotton. 

Size of the bag 10cm x 15cm.

Please note: Sizes vary across our different materials, so please bear this in mind when ordering.

Why are they fabulous?

Great for storing your make up rounds, wipes, nail polish wipes, period cup or any small items you have laying around in the bathroom. Just hang it up on a hook to keep it tidy, or tuck it away.

How to care for them...

Can be laundered with a normal load on cool and hung to dry.

Should you ever feel like your produce bags are ready for the bin, fear not! They are biodegradable. 


10cm x 15cm