Twa Burds Soap - Charcoal Tea Tree Lavender


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Our soaps slices are an everyday luxury that will leave your skin clean, moisturised and smelling beautiful. As well as using these beauties as hand soaps, Twa Burds encourage you to use your soap slices in the bath or shower. They are extremely beneficial to the skin and are a cost-effective alternative to shower gel.

All of our soap slices have a vegetable glycerine base which is beneficial for softening the skin, helpful for retaining moisture and is non-irritating and hypoallergenic. The characteristics of vegetable glycerin soap make it a great choice for people with sensitive or dry skin conditions. The majority of commercial soaps on the market contain harsh chemicals that rob your skin of its natural protective oils.

Our soaps contain no animal products making them a perfect vegan-friendly natural alternative for skin care. Twa Burds Soaps are against animal testing and do not add any parabens, unnecessary preservatives and most certainly do not use palm oil within our products. We heart orangutans!

Charcoal Tea Tree Lavender soap: Another fabulous treatment bar, this soap combines the traditional herbal properties of tea tree and lavender with the amazing benefits of activated charcoal. The powerful combination of these essential oils makes this bar antibacterial and antiviral A great immune system booster that can help with upper respiratory congestion. It is also deeply cleansing making it great for oily skin and particularly good for clearing those pesky pimples and breakouts.

Ingredients: Glycerine Soap Base, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Colourant - NO SLS, NO PARABENS, NO UNNECESSARY INGREDIENTS