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Our epic wet wipes trial bundle is here!

Are you at the beginning of your eco journey, and a little lost what will work for you best? Or you are stuck with a brand that you don't like, or doesn't suit your needs? Or just feeling adventurous :D?

There are so many brands and types of wet wipes around, that come in different sizes, shapes, materials, some are coloured, some are more natural, or plain white, but the question is, will you love what you choose for the first time?

I have been stuck with a brand when I first decided disposable wipes just do not cut it for me, and I went with the most popular option out there. We don't live in a hard water area, but the wipes quickly became hard and scratchy, and the size was tiny for the job it was meant to handle. So I set off on the quest to find the best wipes, but buying all the brands and trying them was beyond me, not even speaking of trying to resell them once I realised they are not my fave. Out of my struggles, and some other lovely mamas too, our wet wipes trial bundle was born. 

The bundle includes one fo each from all of our wet wipes we have in stock:

You can opt to have the bundle on its own, or with a handy small/mini wet bag, which is chosen randomly from our selection of small/mini wet bags :).


One size

Bundle of 6